The library has more than 3800 books, 10 journals and large no. Of audio and videocassettes. The staff is qualified and trained to provide an efficient service to the students and the faculty. Additions to books and periodicals are continuously made to ensure that there is a wide selection of reference material and textbooks to meet the needs of students. The library has an open Access System through which students are free to access to any reference book/textbook. This enhances their approachability to the reading material available in library.

Peetamber Degree College makes every effort to include resource material on these so that the students being trained as teachers in Peetamber Degree College are well equipped with the knowledge of conventional and modern teaching principles, means and methods


The Institute provides hostel facilities to those who opt to stay at the campus. At present There is enough capacity to meet the demand on a single occupancy basis separately for girls and boys . Each hostel has a warden to ensure that proper ambience is maintained for effective learning and comfortable living. Hostel comprises of messing facilities, Common rooms, STD/PCO and other recreational facilities, Transport Facilities, Medical Unit / Dispensary, Faculty Flats, Guest House, Water Treatment Plant, Stationery Shops, Canteens, Adequate facilities for Sports and Games.

Living in campus enables quick students involvement in college activities. These activities help students to make friends and integrate with the community on campus.

We appreciate that sooner you feel at home, the sooner you will be able to approach your studies with confidence, and we aim to make their studies with confidence and we aim to make this transition as smooth as possible. Whether you decide to live in the college hostel or find your own accommodation in Agra, the Administrative Office is there to provide help, information and advice. The rooms are adequately furnished. A weekly laundry service is provides and each hostel has its own common room and cafeteria.


Transportation facilities, Medical Unit / Dispensary, Faculty quarters, Guest House, Water Treatment.